CastrationsHere at Stephenville Equine Hospital, we are proud to offer equine castrations.

We understand how important it is to castrate your stallions. Castrated horses are easier to handle and can be placed in pastures with other geldings and mares too. They have fewer health risks than stallions, including being less likely to the fight with other horses or develop prostate cancer, among other things. For this reason, unless you are planning to breed your stallion, you should castrate him when he is around six months old.

Because castrations are so important, we want to make the procedure as easy as possible for you. We are well equipped to come to your farm and castrate your horse in a quiet spot.

After giving anesthesia to your horse, we will perform the castration and make sure he wakes up fine afterward. You should keep him in a safe place by himself for a few hours until all of the anesthesia wears off. In a few days, he should be back to his normal self.

If you have any questions about equine castration or would like to schedule an appointment for your horse, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (254) 395-2924.