DewormingHere at Stephenville Equine Hospital, we are dedicated to taking good care of our patients. We are proud to offer intestinal parasite screening and deworming.

Intestinal parasites not only hurt your horse but also can cause damage to you too, so it is really important to us to offer intestinal parasite screening and routine deworming.

Intestinal parasites often make horses hungry. Many suffer from diarrhea and even vomiting. They can’t gain or maintain weight because the parasites are using all of the food the horses eat to grow and cause more damage.

Intestinal parasites can do the same damage to the human body. Some forms can even cause blindness in children, so it is important to check your equine for parasites routinely and deworm them regularly. It is for your own health too!

With a simple stool sample, we are able to screen for parasites so that we can deworm patients with the best dewormer. Every dewormer targets different parasites, which is why screening is so important. Still, there are times when we deworm horses regularly just to keep them and their owners safe.

If you have any questions about internal parasites or screening for them, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (254) 395-2924.